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Analog Lab I

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Analog Lab is a new series on my blog. I’ve rediscovered my love for film after being in a horrible mindset for the last couple of months, so I’d like to share my film journey here. I’m pretty new to analog photography, so I think it would be interesting to see my growth from post to post and sharing my learnings with you :)

In the time I was gone, I’ve shot only 2 rolls of film. I’m currently still in the phase of finding out what film I like to work with the most, so in this post you will see shots from either Fuji Superia 200 or Kodak Color Plus 200.

2018 — Kodak Color Plus 200

As you can see, Kodak Color Plus has a slight yellow/warm cast to its images. It’s something that I don’t have particular strong feelings about. I like what it does to landscapes, but not a big fan of shooting portraits with this. The skintones seem to have a slight shift in the hue; it’s more yellowish which I don’t really like.

Portrait Image of Myself


Brussels at Sundown

It was probably already a bit too dark here to shoot ISO 200 film and since this is a fully automatic camera, I didn't have the chance to have a longer exposure time. Nonetheless, I really like the colors of this image

Cadzand Beach

2019 — Fuji Superia 200

Fuji Superia 200 gave me really contrasty images on sunny days. That’s something I really liked about this film. The shadows of this film are more leaning towards the greenish/blueish side, but you still feel the warmth through the pictures so it’s not too cool. I also noticed that Superia 200 sometimes renders the skin tones to be a bit pinkish, which is overall not very nice to have.

Thib shot from window

Botanical Garden Leaf

Flowers in Bruges

Thib looking at flowers in Bruges

Bruges at sundown

Interesting to see what it does to overcast days. The reddish tones from the bricks really shine through here, but the image itself is very muted if you compare it to sunny days.

Thib in Bruges at sundown

Here you can see the skin tones being slightly pinkish

Overall I think these two films are pretty good considering the price. If I had to pick one, it would be a tough decision because they both have the same “flaws”. In the end I think I would go for Superia, just because I really dislike the skin tones I’ve got from Color Plus.

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