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Analog Berlin Spam 3.0

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I feel like my blog only consists out of Berlin posts, but that’s totally fine ;) Last weekend I went on a little trip back to Berlin to visit my friends there. It was the perfect opportunity to test out some film. I decided shooting Agfa Vista 200 Plus & these are the results! Just a quick shout out to Jet Foto in Berlin for having the most amazing picture development service. They’re fast, friendly, relatively cheap and I can’t complain about quality. So without further ado, here’s some more memories, in chronological order.


flowers at Maybachufer

Teaching Philippe what Analog Photography is


Having a picnic at Urban Spree with our own homemade (real Italian) pasta and fruit salad!




Giulia, Philippe & Nicoletta


Sorry, I'm cheating a littl, but I promise this is the only iPhone picture in this post ;)



Pictures from our visit to the Bundestag

View Bundestag

View on Potsdamer Platz & the Sony Center from the Bundestag

Checkpoint Charlie Gendarmenmarkt


Found this café near Hausvogteiplatz where they sold all these Belgian beers. They even had beer from "De Dolle Brouwers", which is a brewery near my house in Belgium.

PotsdamerPlatz PotsdamerPlatz

Potsdamer Platz

Espi Tote

Can't go anywhere without my Espi tote ;)

Conclusion: I cleaned my lens, but apparently not thoroughly enough, it’s still dirty, if not dirtier. Damn! But lucky for me there’s nothing a little Photoshop can’t fix :) Thanks for reading & have a nice day!

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