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Berlin im schwarzweiß

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Hi everyone! I’ve arrived back Belgium a couple of weeks ago as you might or might not know. Within these weeks a lot of people asked me how my internship went and if I enjoyed staying in Berlin. They told me they followed my blog and enjoyed the analog pictures (and the one article hehe) I posted. So.. to give them some more juicy content, I’m back with another unedited, raw, Analog Berlin post, but this time in black and white! Enjoy!

Oh by the way. If you want to see more pictures I’ve taken in Berlin and are interested in typography, be sure to check out my Instagram account berlin.typo (follow me😉). It’s a niche account where all the interesting typography of Berlin gets collected. Now maintained by my wonderful ex-colleagues at Espi!


Initially I took these pictures because I needed to fill up my roll of film and I really wanted to develop it in Berlin, because I have no idea about where to have it developed in Belgium. I know HEMA and MediaMarkt do developing but that’s just not the same. But I’m drifting away a bit, here are some cool, but touristy, shots of Berlin.🤟

Alexanderplatz Hackescher Markt OMWT Museuminsel Museuminsel Unter Den Linden View Brandenburger Tor Building Parliamentroad Boats Alexanderplatz-me Alexa


I wanted to organize a little goodbye party for the friends I’ve made during my internship. Miss you guys already!


Preparing the pasta & pies

Food for thought Eating I told them I had to fill the roll before I left sooooo a lot of pics of us of course Group2 Pie

Focusing on the important things


Bucket List

I still hadn’t done everything I wanted to do in Berlin, so my lovely friends wanted to join me in planning a whole day of bucket-list things. This is that day.

Viktoria Picnic Picnic_M Picnic_full

And then it started raining… hard. But the rain cleared and we could rent some bikes and bike to Schloss Charlottenburg.

Rollei Haha what Schloss

As you can see. It started raining again..

I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity to intern abroad for three months at a kickass agency and to have met some amazing people that I can now even call my friends. I was not only able to grow professionally but also in a personal way and I think that’s fantastic.

Berlin; see ya später, m8. 😎

What's up! I am Lotte; a digital designer based in Belgium. I strive to create work that is both visually pleasing and intuitive – I mean – don't we all? I have just graduated from university and I have just returned from an amazing internship at Edenspiekermann Berlin (and I'm still enjoying the afterglow through my blog). Thanks for taking the time to read some of my articles!

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