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Don't think, just shoot

Posted in: Analog

Last Christmas, I received a beautiful gift. A lomography camera, and ever since, I’ve been hooked on analogue photography. Lomography is known for being “easy”, a point and shoot type of photography where you don’t really have to think about rules and just have fun with it. “The motto: Don’t think, just shoot”.

La Sardina

The lomo camera I use is a La Sardina Eight Ball. La Sardina derives its name from a sardine can, because they look so much alike. The camera is really fun and easy to handle and has an incredible wide-angle lens. La Sardina Eight Ball doesn’t have a great quality, but that’s the charm. Film-wise, every standard 35mm film will fit.

Urbanspree Urbanspree

Urbanspree, Berlin | April 2017

Light Leaks

When your film is full, you can start developing your pictures. When developing, you never really know what the result will be, because there are so many things that can influence the outcome; for example the picture itself, light leaks, how you process the film etc.

When you are really clumsy at changing film, just like me, some light leaks may occur. A light leak is where light is able to “leak” into the normally light-tight chamber of the camera. This can either cause some fun effects or destroy your whole picture. When too much light “leaks” onto the picture, it will turn totally white. This article describes how to create light leaks on purpose.

Denkmal light leak Thibault Tiergarten

Denkmal & Tiergarten, Berlin | April 2017


I think, personally, I can shoot 35 pictures per roll film. This depends on which kind of film you’re shooting on of course. Because 35 is a lot, it often takes months until one roll of film is full. Currently, I’m still busy filling up a roll where I started shooting with in April. The fun part of this is to see the pictures you’ve shot months ago when you’ve developed the pictures. It often happens that you totally forget what you’ve been shooting in the past few months.

Some fun memories to close this article :)

Kerst Gent

Kerst Gent

Kerstmarkt, Gent | December 2016

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